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Since inception of “The WPI Plan” more than fifty years ago, WPI has been a leader in integrating Project-Based Learning (PBL) approaches across campus. With support from top level alumni, industry, and trustees, WPI’s leadership, faculty and staff is united and committed to enhance student flourishing through PBL to better set up our students for success in the New Economy.

For the past 15 years, WPI has been proud to partner with the Kern Entrepreneurial Education Network (KEEN) to improve Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning (EML) outcomes. WPI faculty and staff integrate PBL and EML across campus. To date, over 125 faculty and staff have been trained in instilling Curiosity, Connectivity and Creating Value. Because of these initiatives, faculty and staff continue to actively incorporate PBL/EML modules into their courses to develop this mindset. This dedicated group of faculty is ensuring that every student integrates entrepreneurial mindset learning throughout their four years at WPI. Students take this mindset with them upon graduation to become future thought leaders in their respective fields.

This website describes some of our campus wide efforts to implement entrepreneurial mindset based on the KEEN Framework. We believe that these approaches can be adapted and adopted within any engineering program. Contact us at KEEN@wpi.edu to learn more!

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Previous Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Aidan Syrgak, Justin Weintraub and Omri Greeas the winners of our latest KEEN Innovation Challenge!

Watch for the next KEEN Innovation Challenge scheduled during WinterSession, January 13-14, 2024.