Ahmet Can Sabuncu, assistant professor of teaching in mechanical engineering, has been named a 2023 Engineering Unleashed Fellow.

Ahmet Can Sabuncu

This is the second consecutive year a WPI professor has been selected an Engineering Unleashed Fellow. Gbetonmasse Somasse, associate professor of teaching in social sciences and policy studies.

Gbetonmasse Somasse

The ELATES at Drexel Class of 2023-2024 is a prestigious cohort of 38 faculty members from 34 different institutions across the U.S. and Canada

Karen Troy

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Gbetonmasse presents students with an open-ended problem where they are asked to explore the given situation through the lens of Mankiw’s Ten Principles of Economics. Considering the 3C’s of EML, this activity is fundamental to having students understand what creating value means beyond dollars and cents.

Gbetonmasse Somasse – 2022 Campus keen rising star

“The collaboration that comes from the KEEN network’s many schools gives WPI an opportunity to learn about new activities or teaching models that have a proven record of success”

John McNeill

Dean of Engineering

“We were already doing a lot with project-based learning but working with KEEN elevates it to another level.”

Curtis Abel

Executive Director of Innovation & Entreneurship

“This version of engineering education forces students (and faculty) to put human need at the heart of the work. For both, there is the belief that STEM must be a power for good in the world.”

Arthur Heinricher

Interim Senior Vice President and Provost

“With Engineering Unleashed I have a place that I can go to see what other people are doing in this area, and I can find some examples of techniques that have worked.”

Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

Professor-Biomedical Engineering

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The 24 undergraduates in Professor Reinhold Ludwig’s Introduction to RF Circuit Design class follow a curriculum similar to those at most technological universities.

Reinhold Ludwig

For the nearly 70 participants in the recent KEEN Value Creation Workshop, learning the difference between what makes one great idea change the world.

Curt Carlson

In January, several WPI faculty and staff participated in the 2023  KEEN National Conference to attend seminars, build their networks, and learn new information about teaching approaches, strategies, and plans.

WPI receives a $1.76 million grant from the Kern Family Foundation to support entrepreneurial mindset learning programs across campus

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has received a $488,500 award from The Kern Family Foundation to support the development of new programs.

The Teaching & Learning Showcase aims to change that. Now in its second year, the event provides an end-of-the-year gathering to find out more about WPI’s constantly evolving innovative teaching.

In his courses, Can has worked with the Associate Department Head and faculty governance to assess the incremental value of new approaches to core requirements within his department, taking standard mechanical engineering labs and redesigning them to increase student choice and encourage curiosity and collaboration.

ahmet can sabuncu – 2022 campus keen rising star

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