Gateway Park 4010

George D. Pins


Department of Biomedical Engineering


BS Rutgers University 1989

PhD Rutgers University 1996

Postdoc Harvard Medical School 1999

George is a professor of biomedical engineering at WPI, where he directs the Regenerative Biomaterials Lab.  His research program focuses on the development and characterization of biomimetic scaffolds and 3D model systems to guide the functional tissue regeneration of skin, tendons, and ligaments as well as skeletal and cardiac muscle.

In the classroom, he enjoys teaching students about the fundamentals of biomaterials science and cell-biomaterial interactions used to design implantable biomaterials that promote functional tissue restoration. He also enjoys mentoring teams of students on capstone design projects to develop biomaterials scaffolds and benchtop assays to characterize wound healing processes. Within all of these courses and projects, George integrates the fundamentals of entrepreneurial mindset learning (EML) and value creation, to prepare students for solving important clinical problems related to wound healing and tissue regeneration.